We have successfully deployed real-time monitoring systems across various industries and their respective verticals.

Realtime monitoring IIoT

Securely tracking your most important business assets is how you can take full advantage of the internet of things. Remote monitoring in real time can provide insights into your assets conditions which can further help in taking sensitive decisions in appropriate time to maintain a robust level of efficiency. We have excellently delivered remote monitoring systems which have helped organizations develop sheer transparency and operate at peak efficiency.

Business benefits of remote and real-time monitoring

Improve various business processes

With increased visibility and reduced monitoring costs, you also improve various resource consumption processes. Energy consumption, material consumption, or human resource involvement can be fairly allocated to skyrocket efficiency.

Gain new business insights

Bringing data from different types of equipment and data silos has enabled gaining of insights into the core operations. It is easier to spot trends and identify unforeseen opportunities within your business to expand your verticals.

Interruptive synchronization

Interruptive synchronization enables deep analytics to be synced regardless of the presence of a network medium. With or without a network medium, we can assure your data be extremely accurate as it is collected in real-time and synced when a secure network is available.  

In-hand Analytics

The collected data is made available across all mobile devices on respective platforms to help in all round accessibility. The data is hands-on and can be understood and accessed by non-experts as well. Coming from various equipment can be analyzed in real-time, integrated with back-end systems and visualized to initiate action as may be necessary.

How does it benefit operations?

  • Real-time information availability with utmost security at any point in time.
  • Better your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by measuring reliable OEE metrics from advanced data sources.
  • Global Operations view A real-time, enterprise view of machine operation and output across your plants all across the globe.
  • Track timeliness of operations throughout plants and across the enterprise to maintain efficiency.

IOTahead has supreme expertise in developing solutions as per plant specifications. We have successfully deployed real-time monitoring systems across various industries and their respective verticals, helping companies get advanced insights and strategizing future-bound decisions.