Experience our best in class Professional services in Industrial IOT.

Professional Services in Industrial IOT

IOTahead works across all the different layers that will require building a customized solution from conceptualization to deployment. In the truest sense of an end-to-end service provider in Industrial IoT implementation. We understand that every organization is unique and thus solutions are customized for maximum RoI and go-to-market time.


The Opportunity of Data

Our solutions help harness of the power of Big Data and convert them into actionable insights to create a plethora of applications such as:

  1. Predictive Maintenance Framework Development
  2. IIoT Analytics Platform Development
  3. Fault Analytics & Detection Platform
  4. Custom Data Acquisition System Development
  5. Remote & Real-Time Monitoring System Development
  6. IIoT Cloud Integration

We harness the business, human and machine data across OT and IT environments to build comprehensive, data-driven solutions. The idea is simple, to give end-customers manage, store, analyze and visualize data and accordingly take action on uncovered insights.

What are the stages IOTahead can get involved at?

Solution Design

We analyze your current, future infrastructure and architecture and help build the skeleton of the solution based on your business requirements.

Platform Integration

We help integrate our solution to external systems to enhance both sides capacities and knowledge.


We train you with server maintenance, handling our APIs etc. This is done both on-site and remotely dependent on your requirement.

Protocol Connectors

We use both standard/ad-hoc and customized protocols to communicate with your hardware for a seamless flow of information.

Server Deployment

Dependent on whether you need the solution in preproduction, production, and development environment, we will install and configure the same. The deployment can be in cluster, RAC, balanced nodes etc depending on the performance you are expecting.

Who do we work for?

We are completely platform/vendor independent, now because of that, we work whether you are :


System Integrator


Solution Provider for an end-customer.