Our services are a perfect blend of preventive and predictive maintenance.

IIOT predictive mainatance

Predictive maintenance (PdM) system development from IOTahead are formulated to help access numerous data sources and estimate the condition and maintenance of in-service tools and equipments.

The data sources are assessed in real time to evaluate the loss, improve the quality so as to stay away from expensive downtime and lessen the upkeep cost. We can, thus, identify even minor odds or any possible crash/failure to to decide the advantage and procedures which are at extraordinary danger of collapse.

Driven by predictive data, our approach promises cost savings over routine preventive maintenance, because tasks are suggested and performed only when required.

Swift and early identification of the difficulties which lie ahead, you just need to send constrained assets all the more proficiently to boost the uptime and therefore enhance hardware quality and production network, eventually improving your consumer satisfaction and retention.

Our services are a perfect blend of preventive and predictive maintenance. Our estimate is determined by both expected life cycle of an asset and the condition of equipment.

Why Is It Important?

Compared with preventive support, PM secures a bit of hardware requiring maintenance ensuring that the one which requires immediate maintenance closed down just before imminent failure. This lessens the aggregate time and cost spent sustaining the product.

AI based predictive systems.

We at IOTahead have mastered Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks for analysing and forecasting sensor data. We put the sensor data with domain inputs to forecast faults and possible failures.

Where Can We Help You?

  • In anticipating the 'where, when, and why' of plausible disappointments even before they are going to happen.
  • In foreseeing the 'where, when, and why' as a key component in the analysis.
  • Analyze underlying cause to estimate conceivable failures.
  • Upkeep the spare part inventory.
  • Forecast all essential guaranteed cases to build client retention.
  • Increase sales and operations while reducing operational costs.
  • Excellent planning by means of design predicting the failures.
  • Lower the downtime and detect poor quality issues at an earlier stage than regular process.

Our predictive maintenance tool does a critical examination in combination with data integration and management to help organizations to reduce operational expenses and enhance resource execution.

Assists resource concentrated associations to keep manufacturing processes, infrastructure and field hardware running in order to boost utilization and performance and minimize costly overheads, and unscheduled downtime.

Our services can bring solution to enhance your asset-intensive organizations in a wide range of industries, including electronics, automotive, energy and utilities, telecommunications, aerospace and defense, chemical and petroleum, and what not.

Benefit from Predictive Maintenance

  • 10x Return on Investment (ROI)
  • 25-30% reduction in maintenance costs
  • 70-75% elimination of breakdowns
  • 35-45% reduction in downtime
  • 20-25% increase in production.