Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS): Analytics & Predictive Maintenance

Four smoke stacks emitting smoke with a blue sky in the background.

Our Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems help you comply with EPA regulations. Through continual compliance we also ensure your chambers function at peak efficiency with the help of a suite of our products. These custom-developed products cater to your plant’s requirements and deliver seamless technological controls right on your fingertips.

Scale Your IIoT Analytics To Grow

IIoT scale

As the industry goes forward with advanced technologies, businesses are acknowledging the need for an improved and consistent flow of content on IIoT. The foundational component for going digital, and for a boundless growth in the subject.

Going back to the past, we realize how it has evolved from an idea into a phenomenon. The industry 4.0 is in fact on the lines to become a reality.

During this time, the concept has internalized, and from exploring the concept, everyone has moved on to the next challenges which are more sizeable in terms of magnitude.

Predictive Maintenance Framework Development

IIOT predictive mainatance

Predictive maintenance (PdM) system development from IOTahead are formulated to help access numerous data sources and estimate the condition and maintenance of in-service tools and equipments.

The data sources are assessed in real time to evaluate the loss, improve the quality so as to stay away from expensive downtime and lessen the upkeep cost. We can, thus, identify even minor odds or any possible crash/failure to to decide the advantage and procedures which are at extraordinary danger of collapse.

IIoT Cloud Integration

IIOT cloud integration

We help you build fully managed and integrated services that allow you to easily and securely connect, manage, and take input of IoT data from geographically dispersed devices, process and analyze/visualize that data in real time, and implement operational changes and take actions as needed while being extremely scalable at the same time.

Professional Services in Industrial IOT

Professional Services in Industrial IOT

IOTahead works across all the different layers that will require building a customized solution from conceptualization to deployment. In the truest sense of an end-to-end service provider in Industrial IoT implementation. We understand that every organization is unique and thus solutions are customized for maximum RoI and go-to-market time.


The Opportunity of Data

Our solutions help harness of the power of Big Data and convert them into actionable insights to create a plethora of applications such as:

Fault Analysis And Detection Mechanism development

Fault-detection & analytics platform IIoT

In Traditional Systems, tools to check all the functional components in real-time of an industrial plant are not available. The conventional method is to conduct an on-site inspection, collect data manually and perform rigorous analysis to identify the faulty & damaged component which is less efficient and too time-consuming.        

To eliminate this inefficiency and reduce latency in fault discovery period, IOTahead provides custom Fault Analysis and Detection Mechanisms for various industries across the spectrum.    

IIoT Analytics Platform Development

IIoT analytics

IOTahead's IIoT Analytics Platform proposition comprises of sophisticated software tools which master the art of pooling operational data into a centralized cloud system for real-time monitoring & analysis & convert raw data into useful and actionable insights. Complex Industries & Enterprises churn enormous data in a raw format where manual analysis runs in contradiction with instant analysis.

Remote and real-time monitoring system development

Realtime monitoring IIoT

Securely tracking your most important business assets is how you can take full advantage of the internet of things. Remote monitoring in real time can provide insights into your assets conditions which can further help in taking sensitive decisions in appropriate time to maintain a robust level of efficiency. We have excellently delivered remote monitoring systems which have helped organizations develop sheer transparency and operate at peak efficiency.