• IIOT Automobile


    With vast potential for IoT, the automobile industry is adding a new dimension to mobility by ever expanding the factors regulating vehicle operations rendering automobile systems of the future much smarter. IOT Ahead’s intelligent computation and analysis systems will enable distributed transportation services such as real-time traffic analysis and management, vehicle velocity regulations, tool management, parking regulation and much more.   

  • IOT smart cities

    Smart Cities and Buildings

    As the world grows conscious, so does the immediate environment around us such as buildings ultimately culminating in cities. Such smart structures are aimed at reducing carbon footprint, better safety & security, increased occupant comfort and rational utilization of building assets and resources. To realize these ambitious yet achievable goals, IOT Ahead’s sensor based prediction and analysis system read the external environment better leading to efficient and cost effective resource utilisation.

    Coupling this with smart city initiative of interactive management between a diverse collection of systems (e.g: Street lighting, traffic information, public safety systems) forms an ultimate solution which with IOT Ahead’s extrapolation and analysis application/system/programme can be turned into reality.  

  • IIOT Renewable

    Renewable Energy

    The Renewable Energy revolution warrants reliable technology to complement these new age energy solutions.

    IOT Ahead’s advanced analytics and accurate energy forecasting solutions can bring about much-needed predictiveness in the industry for the accurate and reliable supply of electricity. 

  • IIoT Power & energy

    Power & Energy

    It is imperative to ensure uptime and safety of an electrical power station to prevent any disruption in power distribution network.

    IOT Ahead’s predictive maintenance and real-time response feedback loop counters this criticality and ensures maximum safety by safeguarding against unforeseen maintenance elements. For enhanced efficiency and reduced latency period, we compute and analyse data near the source rather than utilising cloud.     

  • IIOT Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

    Oil & gas exploration & extraction are technology driven operations sensitive to real-time data and exists in remote environments.

    Mindful of these challenges, IOT Ahead’s real-time onsite solutions provide proactive monitoring and protection against unforeseen equipment failure and environmental damage. Due to remote conditions of the operations, our solution provides onsite delivery of advanced analytics which enables real-time responses to ensure maximum production and safety.  

  • IIOT in telecom


    With huge potential for IOT use cases, the Telecommunication industry is set for another revolution.

    By capitalizing on their large infrastructure many tailored consumer applications, wide-area IoT solutions, and managed services can be implemented. Using IOT Ahead’s versatile cloud platform as a backbone any Operator can enter a particular business vertical with its own IoT solution. Uniquely positioned with unlimited access to network infrastructure, operators can provide better performance, wider scale, and - tapping into vast pools of user data - much better usability than the competition.  

  • IIoT Manufacturing


    Leveraging the power of internet and machine learning, IOT Ahead’s solutions make today’s industries future ready.

    With our wide array of solutions benefiting semiconductor manufacturers to the giant assembly of industrial machines, industries can get needful insights into their processes and enhance their manufacturing yields and efficiency.

    Our real-time monitoring and diagnostic systems enable automated feedback loops in the manufacturing processes as well as facilitate proactive maintenance for maximum uptime and expanded the lifespan of equipment and assembly line.